Admission Policy

Discovery Montessori Schools accepts students and families who support and agree with our mission, vision and values. We will admit all applicants who have fulfilled our application requirements without discrimination on the basis of gender or race, nationality and ethnic origin. Admissions are based upon admission criteria and priorities, students’ assessment, and application deadlines. The School will reserve the right for final acceptance.

Admission Criteria

  • Applicants aged-appropriate for the year
  • Space availability in the year
  • Assessments to determine if applicants are proficient in English language
  • Assessments to determine if applicants meet the social and academic standards for their year level

Admission Procedure

Application (submission of documents)

Should you wish to proceed with an application, please submit the STUDENT APPLICATION FORM (for the applicable class).


Admission is generally opened from 1st September to 1st February, and will go on throughout the year if there is an availability of places. In the event the school is full, you will then be asked to submit your application for our wait list.