Montessori Nursery (1-3Y)


Little Casa Class ( 2 Years – 3. 5 Years)

Usually by the age of 2 years the child is ready to attend school by himself, to explore his surrounding under the teacher’s professional guidance and graduate to the Little Casa Class. Children of this class are able to attend class independently of a caregiver or parent. They are toilet-trained and able to go to the bathroom by themselves without assistance.

Children between the age of two and four are just beginning to truly understand their surroundings. We build up their confidence in preparation for their foray into Casa Dei Bambini class. They will learn how to:

  • make decisions on what tasks they want to work on;
  • ease into new activities;
  • make new friends and socialize with peers and teachers;
  • take care of themselves;
  • explore through the senses

Little Casa (2-3.5y) available in the following locations:   

 DMS (Discovery Bay)     &     DMS (Central)

Programme Priorities Insclude:

  • Intellectual Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Social Development

At LITTLE CASA class, children start working independently, at their own pace and are emotionally more confident. Phonics and simple math are introduced and can be mastered through the use of Montessori tools. Drawing and painting, blocks and puzzles improve hand-eye coordination, aesthetics and develop problem solving skills.


Montessori Nursery
( 12 Months – 2.5 Years )

The overall aim in our Montessori Nursery class (Montessori Playgroup) is to develop each child’s emotional, social, intellectual and physical well -being, in a safe, nurturing environment which is an extension of their own home.

Our Montessori Nursery is designed for younger children to a new social environment. Sensory (hands-on) activities such as painting, water & sand play develops children’s fine motor skills as well as helping them to recognize shapes and colours.

Songs and stories are an enjoyable activity in enhancing language skills. Each child is shown how to choose and return their own work materials in order to encourage independence and positive social interactions.

Montessori Nursery (1-2.5y) available in the following locations: DMS (Discovery Bay)    &   DMS (Central)