Montessori Casa dei Bambini (3-6y)

The Casa dei Bambini Class is designed for children aged 3 years to 6 years. This program develops the whole personality and character of the child. Children learn to self-regulate, concentrate for longer periods of time, treat the environment and others with respect, and attain a high self-esteem through mentoring and achievement and effective communication.


The Casa class curriculum is theme-based and follows the Montessori principles of:

  • 5 main Developmental Areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, & Cultural Extensions (Music and Movement, Geography, Botany and Zoology, Science, and History);
  • Maximizing the children’s independence and self-management skills (each child has their own work space and is required to return materials to the shelf when finished);
  • Developing appropriate social interaction skills and language;
  • Participation in the full range of program components and routines (such as Montessori work cycle, circle time, thematic art projects, grace and courtesy lessons, small group discussion, and outdoor field trips).

In this class children participate in the Montessori work cycle, circle time, thematic art projects, group discussions, Chinese studies, and outdoor field trips which assist in enhancing the child’s overall development and awareness of the world and environment around them.

Activities are introduced that develop a child’s attention span, model how to treat others and the environment with respect and support the development of a positive, high self-esteem.

Show and tell advances a child’s verbal and presentation skills, alphabet letters are mastered to help build words and when the child is ready, workbooks are given to practice skills at the child’s own pace.

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