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DMA Primary (3-12Y)


Discovery Montessori Academy (DMA)
Each DMA Montessori director/directress provides a prepared Montessori environment with activities and material that inspire the students to lead their own inquiries and drive the focus to delve deeper into what they are motivated to learn and explore to their full potential.
We pride ourselves in offering a strong curriculum in Chinese (Putonghua) language. A fully qualified Chinese teacher in each class ensures the immersion of Chinese Language in all learning aspects is present throughout the school day.
Physical education is important at DMA and our physical education programs are enhanced by the provision of professional coaches to guide the children through appropriate sports and physical activities program on a weekly basis.
As well as ensuring the children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively during the Montessori work cycle, DMA provides weekly art lessons delivered and run by a professional kid’s art company, Kids Gallery, and with the close collaboration between art teachers and Montessori teachers, the children are able to fully develop their wonderful creativity even more.
These freedoms, of course, must be balanced with responsibility. The students are prepared with the essential tools to assist them on the path of accountability and self-construction. Parents are welcome to visit our classroom environment so that the students are able to confidently share their continuous learning activities that they have mastered.
An important aspect of school life is the many opportunities at DMA for the children and parents to engage outside of the classroom environment. Through various extra-curricular activities, Elementary Camping Trip,Celebrations of Learning, Montessori evenings, School and PTA events, school life at DMA is encouraging, fun, motivating and inspiring and brings us together building friendship and school community connections across the whole school.


Available Programs: 

Casa dei Bambini (3-6y)
Montessori & IB PY – Lower Primary (ages 6 to 9)
Montessori & IB PYP – Upper Primary (ages 9-12)


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