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The FIRST accredited IB Montessori School in Hong Kong & South East Asia

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Elementary (6-12y) Montessori & IB PYP (IB World School No.052385)*

Combination of International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP and the International Montessori Curriculum. Expand my horizons. Intrigue me. Help me to see the whole picture. The Lower Primary (ages 6 to 9) and Upper Primary (ages 9-12) programs inspire awe about the world, intrigue children to acquire knowledge, and help them to develop intellectually, emotionally and…

Montessori Casa dei Bambini (3-6y)

The Casa Dei Bambini Class is designed for children aged 3 years to 6 years. This program develops the whole personality and character of the child. Children learn to self-discipline, concentrate for longer periods of time, treat the environment and others with respect, and attain high self-esteem through mentoring, achievement and effective communication. The […]

Montessori Little Casa (2-3.5Y)

Usually by the age of 2 years the child is ready to attend school by himself, to explore his surrounding under the teacher’s professional guidance and graduate to the Little Casa Class. Children of this class are able to attend class independently of a caregiver or parent. They are toilet-trained and able to go to […]

Montessori Wobbler (1-1.5Y) & Toddler (1.5-2.5Y)

Our program aims to provide a Montessori learning environment to stimulate your young children. Our Montessori (0-3Y) trained teacher carefully plans the Montessori activities which support children in their development of fine and gross motor skills, independence, sense of order, confidence, cognitive skills, language, as well as their loving and respectful personality. The Montessori […]

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    What Parents Are Saying

    Our family’s journey with Discovery Montessori School has been truly rewarding. The teachers and staff have been the guiding stars for our sons, fostering not just academic skills but a genuine love for learning—especially in Chinese. The school’s spirit of collaboration with parents has made us feel part of every milestone. As we prepare to watch our second son graduate, we’re thankful for this community that’s given our boys such a solid start in life.

    – Sunny, Costandine and Alexander’s mom
    Sunny, Costandine and Alexander mom- Sunny, Costandine and Alexander's mom, Your Content Goes Here

    My son and daughter have both been attending DMS DB since they were 18 months old. Through the accompanied toddler class to drop off, my kids love their school. My son, who has grown up with the teachers and staff of DMS going on to his 4th year there, feels genuinely loved by his teachers. The effort by the school to make magical and memorable experiences for the children is what ultimately convinced me to keep both of my children at DMS until they graduate. I also really appreciate that DMS offers a flexible choice for half day vs. full day classes, an option that other schools don’t offer after a certain age. Lastly, I feel that for small kids, the structure of the class allows for them to explore their interests, keeping them happy to go to school every day.

    – Elizabeth Pecora, Allistair and Cora’s mom
    Elizabeth Pecora, Allistair and Cora’s mom- Elizabeth Pecora, Allistair and Cora’s mom, Your Content Goes Here

    Levi’s excitement to share what happens at school always surprises us, especially after a special activity / event / speaker visit that is out of his regular work cycles. The school has been very supportive to our family. All teachers are very friendly, not only to Levi, but to our other children too. Whenever we meet at school drop-off / pick-up, they express such care and kindness to us. When we had a newborn, it was a nice gesture of DMA to give us a gift inspired by Montessori learning. Whenever we have questions, we are encouraged to connect with the teachers, which is helpful to keep track of Levi’s growth. We realized not all children enjoy learning, but Levi really loves it and is always curious to find out information in his own way when he is interested in something. Montessori/IB learning encourages him to ask questions and explore something that might be out of the traditional school curriculum for his age. He has gained a lot of friendships with not only peers but with adults (teachers and helpers at DMA). DMA has created a lovely environment for Levi to learn how to interact with other people and build confidence in himself. We also think it is apparent that he enjoys learning because of the way he learns at DMA. We would recommend (and have recommended) DMA. Teachers are committed to helping Levi grow to his fullest potential, which is one of the main reasons why we love DMA.

    – Shiren and Caleb Ng
    CalebNg- Shiren and Caleb Ng

    My children have been attending Discovery Montessori Academy (DMA) for about a year now. What I love the most is how my child can work on a variety of skills independently, gaining autonomy and self-control. They have found their curiosities over different topics throughout the year and the teachers have been very supportive, creating a safe environment to enable their exploration.

    DMA is a small school and its beauty shines through. The teachers are always happy to discuss individual performance, both academically and socially. Whenever a challenge arises, they work with the parents the find the best solution for the child. Management is very accessible. The principal is at the gate welcoming the children into the school.

    I would highly recommend DMA. It has not only helped my children on their learning journey, but also helped me to grow as a parent.

    – XingNi
    XingNi- XingNi, Discovery Montessori Academy

    Diego enjoyed very much his time in DMS. I don´t recall one day when he didn´t want to attend school or stayed there being sad, he felt at home and free at DMS. He developed strong relationships with other children and made his best friends there!!! He had the opportunity to be taught by 2 amazing teachers (Ms Natalie and Ms Asha) who were caring, paying close attention to his development and making sure I was aware of his progress. Diego is very rational. He is logical in his conclusions and his thoughts are very well structured. He is also very organized with his toys and supportive with activities at home. He is an independent boy …and I think all this is product of the Montessori education. I am very thankful for this. I am very happy with the progress I have seen in the development of Diego and he was very happy being part of the school and its activities. Thanks for all!!

    – Sabrina
    - Sabrina

    Both our boys attended DMS for the kindergarten years. We loved the interaction & feedback from the teachers. They worked with us, guiding us on when it was the right time to move from half days to full days. We were also pleased with the exposure the kids had to Putonghua. Being international students, it was great to see them being immersed in local language from the beginning. We felt that DMS gave the kids a solid foundation & placed them in good stead for their transition to the junior cycle. We are so happy we chose such an amazing school for our boys to start their education journey.

    – Clare, Ethan and Alexander’s mom
    ClareEthanAlexander mom- Clare, Ethan and Alexander's mom, Your Content Goes Here

    Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world” It takes an astute teacher to understand each child as an individual in a busy class. Only with great patience and a high emotional quotient can teachers truly develop strong bonds with their students. Forging this close bond with the child will facilitate his readiness to approach the world with confidence. DMS can pride itself in having cherry picked their teachers to fulfil these tall requirements. A tailor made teaching approach to each kindergarten child seems formidable, but happens in their classes. In his two years in DMS our son has grown by leaps and bounds. We have seen him swell in confidence, acquire excellent social skills, experience the joy of learning and further develop his inquisitive mind. His excellent preschool experience has laid a strong foundation for his future and opened his mind to the limitless possibilities this world has to offer. Thank you DMS for moulding our little boy beautifully. We will miss you!

    – Radha
    - Radha

    Hello! My son Caleb had attended the Discovery Montessori School (DMS) in Sheung Wan for the past three years and it is my pleasure to write of our experience at the school. My wife and I had decided early on to choose a school that uses the Montessori style as we believe it is most attuned to the natural development of children and respectful of the individuality and autonomy of each child. We chose DMS despite living in Kowloon as we believe it provides the most orthodox form of Montessori teaching style as opposed to other schools that claim to be Montessori but are actually a mixture of styles. Each class has two teachers (one teaches English and the other Putonghua) who are qualified Montessori teachers. We have been very happy with our time spent at DMS and grateful to all the teachers who had taught Caleb over these three years including Ms. Natalie and Ms. Elisha, Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Cheung, Ms. Asha and Ms. Wong. They have been very patient and professional in nurturing Caleb (who is very shy and sensitive) to becoming more confident and independent. Caleb has been allowed to learn at his own pace and enjoys his time at school. The teachers are responsive to questions and we believe they really go the extra mile to deliver a very positive experience for every child. Thank you DMS !!

    – Aric Hui
    - Aric Hui

    Thank you so much for offering the opportunity for Victor to study in DMS. As a graduate Victor had a fabulous year here. Our educational goals are to provide the joyful and fun learning environment that Victor needs in order to have a happy childhood. We want to provide the education which is the most suitable with his talent. He can achieve his maximum potential in all different areas. That is why we choice Discovery Montessori School. DMS is absolutely the best choice for our kid. The school presents a worldwide learning community of educators, students and families and emphasizes developing globally minded students, which is suits in well with our child. We believe that Victor has benefited a lot in the past year. DMS’s unique teaching methods that puts more weight in active learning in the early stage. Best Wishes!

    – Victor’s Family
    - Victor's Family


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