DMS Central (1-6Y)

DMS (Central) is conveniently located in the heart of Hong Kong, close to Sheung Wan MTR station where Qualified Montessori directresses create a warm and welcoming prepared environment that encourages children to explore at an appropriate level and pace.

A strong and willing PTA community supports the DMS Central students learning activities and are especially keen to lend a helping hand when it comes to our many school events throughout the year.

The city of Hong Kong also becomes an important extension of the classroom. As the school is a city school, the experienced staff at DMS Central take advantage by offering many more out and about learning opportunities to explore the busy city in the way of field trips that support the Montessori philosophy in a hands-on way.

For working parents who want a fuss-free morning drop off and afternoon pick up- we offer a school bus service.

Our spacious and purposeful indoor play area is creatively designed with the Montessori principles in mind, which allows the development of children’s gross motor skills in a safe and clean environment in a busy city.

Montessori Playgroup
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Available Programmes:

With plenty of appropriate natural Montessori materials and resources, we are ready to support your child at the very beginning of the Montessori learning journey.

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