Extra Curricular Activities

An important aspect of our DMA School life is the opportunity to grow and learn outside the classroom.

We offer a variety of in and after-school programs to support the growth of our students where appropriate.

  • *BeWell ( Mindfulness Program)- led by Ms. Fernanda
  • Book Club
  • Creative Writing
  • Functional Dance
  • Girl Guides
  • *Krav Maga – Self Defence
  • *Music Choir/ Band – led by Johann Sebastian Bach Music Academy
  • Performing Art/ Drama/ Music
  • Putonghua Speech
  • String (Violin and Viola) Class
  • *Sports Team Club- Led by HK Dragons
  • *Visual Art- Kids Gallery
  • *Yoga- Led by Ms. Rachna from Embody

The activities program has four main areas: Arts & Music, Physical Development, Clubs and Academic and vary according to the season and year.

*Faculty and Certified external instructors lead these activities


DMA Montessori Krav Maga VIDEO

DMA Montessori Krav Maga VIDEO

HK Dragons- PE Lessons


String (Violin Lessons)

Girl Guides