DMS Discovery Bay (1-6Y)


Our Experienced and qualified Montessori teachers at DMS DB provide a warm welcome in a prepared, safe and happy environment for students either beginning or continuing their Montessori Learning Journey.

School Life at DMS DB is further enhanced by the many cultural events and activities that take place during the school year. our events include a Christmas Bazaar, Chinese New Year Celebrations, International World Fair Day and educational field trips to support students learning.

A supportive PTA community works together to keep improving the quality and education experiences for each of our students.

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The classroom spaces at DMS DB are enhanced by the addition of mezzanines in some of the classrooms, that ensure a good quality early learning and childcare environment. The mezzanine provides an interesting space for children to sit and look out at what is happening in other areas of the Montessori classroom.

Plenty of natural light flows through large windows and thus has a positive effect on the psychological wellbeing of children in terms of mood, security and behaviour.

DMS DB have been creatively designed and provides interesting indoor and outdoor space for students to learn and play.

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Montessori Playgroup 1-1.5Y
DMS Discovery Bay