Discovery Montessori School (DMS) Nursery and Kindergarten in Central and DB, and Discovery Montessori Academy (DMA) Primary school offer a Montessori Method of Education immersed in a truly bilingual (English and Chinese) learning environment for children age 1-12 years old.

A native-Putonghua Chinese teacher teaches along with the native-English Montessori Directress in each DMS and DMA class, support the children’s learning of Chinese language the entire school session every day.

DMS have a well-structured Chinese Curriculum to include enriched activities that support younger children in all aspects of Chinese language and a range of tailored-made Montessori materials that extend their language knowledge within a Montessori aspect in mind.

At DMA, the Primary students are grouped according to native and non-native Chinese Proficiency levels which allow for a smooth introduction to Chinese for non-native speakers and a delivery of the local Chinese language curriculum for native speakers. Traditional characters are taught in both for reading and writing.